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New Normal Ways to Celebrate Life's Precious Moments

As the years pass by, we have transformed our "new normal" way of living. Since we value our safety and our cherished life, a lot of things have changed. Even celebrating our life's special events have no exceptions. But we are resilient enough to find ways to rejoice and host birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones with our dear family. Here are some creative ways to celebrate at home while keeping our family safe and secure.

Celebrate at the Comfort of your Own Home

The safest and most secure place right now is inside the four walls of our home. Rather than going out, surprise your family by decorating your home with pleasant and colorful decorations. Save your time from cooking and have the food delivered hot and freshly cooked at your doorstep. Turn your home into any theme you wish it could be.

Host Virtual Gatherings

If your kids can do classes and even commencement exercises through online video conferencing, then as birthday celebrations and anniversaries. Send the link to online meetings with your family and enjoy virtual festivities. You can prepare online games or any virtual engaging activities, like classic party games like "Bring Me," "4 Pics 1 Word," and even get interactive with your family and friends with aerobics and Zumba activities. Distance should not be a hindrance in this new era.

Send some Food Packages

For those whole are tied up to their jobs and for less tech-savvy relatives and friends, you can still make them feel loved, and they are remembered by surprising them with some food packs and food trays that will make their hearts leap with amazement. Take advantage of the convenience of an online food delivery system that can cater to your orders and send them to your loved ones. You can always request to include a note to them to make it feel more personal.

Backyard Parties

If a face-to-face meeting is attainable for your family or friends, having it in an open area like your backyard is way better. Set a long table in your backyard and order some party package food online to skip the hassle of preparing almost everything. Engaged in some outdoor activities and have a blast!

Perfect Food to Serve

Ordering food online is the best option for the special gatherings mentioned above. Try something new and choose from various superb food choices at Verleo Catering. We have all kinds of food tray dishes your family will surely love. You can choose from our Junior or Party Trays to make your festivities at home more extravagant and memorable. We also have Celebrations at Home food set for you you to enjoy anytime and any day. Visit our website at and browse from different varieties of good food to savor. Highly satisfying meals in just one tap. Truly Hassle-free!

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